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Since its launch in 1998, MySpeechwriters has continuously pushed to transform the speechwriting sector, changing it from something that was only available to the most privileged of people into to a widely available and affordable service for anyone. More than 20 years later, with thousands of speeches written, we're proud of all we've accomplished, and look forward to the future!  

1. High-quality writers

Our speechwriting staff is made up of highly-trained, experienced editors who all share a sharp focus on quality. Every MySpeechwriter speech is checked and double-checked to ensure perfection.

2. Transparent pricing

Our rates are not a secret, and we don't play favorites. Your needs dictate the rate, and we strive to keep it as low as possible. When you need a speech, simply fill out our order form and your quote will appear immediately. If you're happy, submit the order and we'll get to work!

3. Fixed delivery times

With our custom-built speech service, you decide when you receive your completed speech. When completing the order form, just choose a binding delivery date that suits your needs.

4. Personalised advice

As a speech service, we offer more than just words on a page. We want your speech to succeed in its delivery as well. MySpeechwriter is here to offer tips and tricks when you need them. Whether contacting us by phone or email, your questions will be answered quickly.

5. Quality references from past clients

Soon after its inception, MySpeechwriter was recognized by Impulse business magazine as a "top service idea". Our ever-growing list of glowing reviews and references over the past two decades from a wide range of customers – from the father of the bride to ministers to entrepreneurs – only reinforces the value and quality service we provide.

Business speeches

Business speeches

Entrepreneur or executive, our writers are here to write your speech.

Personal speeches

Personal speeches

A birthday, a wedding, or a graduation – we're here to write your speech!

Club & association speeches

Club & association speeches

Connect with your membership with a custom speech written for the occasion.