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Celebrating your best friend's wedding day

Congratulations on being the best man or the maid/matron of honor! It should be considered an honor, a recognition of the good relationship you have with each other. It comes with the task, though, of giving a speech. The parents have likely already passed on their warm wishes, but everyone knows the best man's speech will be the entertaining one – stories of the newlyweds' past lives, a bit of teasing, a lot of love, and of course, laughter.

But what should it be about?

As a cherished friend, you have the flexibility of speaking a bit less formally – without offending the newlyweds, of course! A good dose of humor and poignant advice are often the building blocks of a good speech, with entertaining anecdotes or heartfelt shared memories scattered throughout. And of course, your personal best wishes for your friends' future together, told in a uniquely personal, unforgettable fashion.

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Every speech is unique

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Deliver the perfect speech

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Best man's speech

Dear wedding guests, and dearest bride and groom!

As the best man, today was particularly difficult. When you said "I do", I have to admit, I was struggling to hold it together! So, to avoid any further risk of tears, let's dispense with the sentimentality, shall we? So pack away those tissues!

Now, I was planning, of course, tell regale you all with tales of the groom in his earlier years, and the trouble we would get up to. But then I looked up "How To Write A Best Man's Speech" online, and the first thing it told me was: "The best man’s speech is a chance to speak freely. But–!" The very next line, it says here, starts with a but: "But do not reveal anything compromising, and never, ever break the bro code – a secret must remain a secret!"

So, phew! You guys can relax, dear bride and groom. Neither of you is going to wind up regretting taking those vows a few short hours ago, and nobody here will find out about all those dirty secrets I've been keeping for you all these years. Fortunately, our friendship goes back so far, me and the bridegroom here, that we have a million other stories together that I can tell you all tonight. For starters, I'm remembering that sharehouse we lived in together, back in college. Our daily routine could be summed up rather poetically by Lord Byron himself:

"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication."
Lord George Byron (1788-1824), English poet

Sample beginning of a groomsmen speech
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