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MySpeechwriter news

After more than 25 years' experience and thousands of speeches written, MySpeechwriter continues to push for innovation. Since its founding in 1998, Redenservice (and, in 2010, our English service MySpeechwriter) has continuously raised industry standards, from website certification and ensuring secure online transaction methods to our fully automated ordering process.

Our success ultimately lies in our focus on customer service, and our high writing standards, hiring only experienced editors as writers.

Long speeches (March 17, 2023)

MySpeechwriter now allows you to order longer speeches – 45 or 60 minutes – directly though our online service, with a binding delivery date.

And as always, MySpeechwriter guarantees quality speeches of the highest calibre.

Wedding speeches (August 01, 2022)

Summer in the second year of the pandemic seems to be a lot different than last year, with promises of sunshine and more relaxed restrictions. Here's hoping you're one of the bridal couples who can finally hold their postponed wedding celebration!

And of course, our writers and editors are here and ready to write your personalized wedding speech – just get in touch!

Covid-19: Give your speeches online (April 6, 2021)

While Covid-19 restrictions are still in effect, many people have struggled to find ways to celebrate meaningful moments while we still wait to gather in person. What about holding your speech over Zoom or another online streaming platform? Or you could share your speech with everyone as a PDF via email.

Or perhaps you can record your speech and share the video with your chosen audience. The possibilities are endless, and MySpeechwriter is here to help with our choice words and ideas.

Here when you need us (July 10, 2020)

As one of the first online speechwriting businesses, MySpeechwriter has continuously been raising industry standards for more than two decades. One way we've done this is to ensure we're available any time you need us, 24/7 – just give us a call or send us an email!

Christmas and Holiday speeches (November 25, 2019)

Now's the time to order a speech for the holidays!

Whether it's a classic Christmas party, a festively-timed conference, or a large Open House event for customers and business partners, you can count on MySpeechwriter for your unique holiday speech.

Quality speeches, certified unique (May 20, 2019)

MySpeechwriter guarantees that every speech we write is specifically written for you. Our experienced writers and editors start every new speech by considering your details and requirements first, so you know your speech will be just for you. And, we'll go the extra step to run every speech through a plagiarism check (as used in the academic sector) to ensure your speech is unique.

It's a free service, always included. Your speech will be accompanied with the test certificate when you receive it through the customer portal. MySpeechwriter guarantees that your speech will always be new to your audience – a definite advantage over using speech templates.

20 years of MySpeechwriter: An interview (February 22, 2019)

An interview with owner and founder of Redenservice.de / MySpeechwriter.com, Eike Christian Petering:

You first began to sell custom speeches and copywriting services online over 20 years ago. How did it start?

At first it was a joint project with my mother, Hildegard Petering, who has unfortunately since passed away. But in 1998, online businesses were just beginning to take hold in Germany – only 10% of Germans had Internet access at this point, and connection speeds were usually very slow. Nonetheless, new business models were already beginning to develop. At the time, I had begun to work as a journalist, while my mother was already an experienced professional speechwriter. So it was only a matter of time before we came up with the idea to offer personalized writing and speech services.

MySpeechwriter.com continues to be the place to go for custom-written speeches. But do you remember what the first version of the site looked like?

I do indeed – very well in fact! – because it was still mostly done manually. After some time of working directly with the client contacts, however, we moved the speechwriting division to a new domain. One particularly important innovation that we integrated early on was the ability to enter in a few parameters online through our interactive ordering system – like the occasion and speech length – and the price and delivery time for your particular speech would populate. And, if you were satisfied, you could submit your order right then, online. Then, once your speech was written (by a professional writer, of course) it would be sent to you, again, through the website. And at that time, we were the first – that had never been available before. From weddings to company anniversaries, what used to be a rather elitist speech service was made accessible to anyone by being always available and affordable – but nonetheless, still of the very highest quality. 

This simple ordering system has become a trademark of MySpeechwriter. What sort of reception did you have at the start?

Five months after we launched the new website, Impulse business magazine called us "a top service idea". And from there, our business bloomed, and we began picking up clients in Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. Luckily, we'd already been building a first-class team of experienced writers. Of course, we've had to keep up with technological advances as well, but we've tried to stay at the forefront. Even back in 2001, we were already referring to the still-exotic "Handhelds" – forerunners of today's smartphones – in our website.

Today, MySpeechwriter continues to claim to be a leader in innovation. What do you mean by that?

It was and is the sum of both small and large projects. This has included our SSL-secured ordering process, our ability to acceptance a wide variety of payment methods, our use of the test certification seal, and our 24/7 support and speech tips services. Today many of these are taken for granted and are seen almost everywhere, but we've made sure to keep at the forefront of innovation and security, putting our clients' interests first. Of course, every now and then we have to laugh at the increasing number of copycat websites. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to mimic our services. One time, actually, we found a particularly impressive competitor who even recreated the audio greeting you would hear when opening our website. However, I must note that every new innovation or technological advance is always measured by what it can contribute to quality, service, and our focus on the customer experience.

How have you been able to maintain your position at the forefront of the market that you helped define over the past two decades?

It's certainly a distinct advantage to be one of the originals. We've always been able to set new standards. And, to add to this, our customer base has grown steadily over the years. It's always nice to hear genuine gratitude from our clients, especially those who've used our services for their own private events such as weddings. A father of the bride recently told us, "You already wrote the speech I gave for my first daughter's wedding, and now it's the second one's turn so I'm turning to you once more!" We're equally delighted about every entrepreneur whose company has grown together with us. Discretion is extremely important to us at MySpeechwriter, too. Executives from larger corporations in particular have told us how they appreciate the fact that we don't advertise our services using their logos. Even so, we continuously strive to increase our own professionalism. Today all our writers and editors – myself included – are trained editors. This gives us a decisive competitive advantage in an industry that continues to lack official quality standards. 

You've referenced your career in journalism before. Are there any moments in particular that shaped you?

Definitely! My first contribution to the ZDF heute-journal was when I was only 25 – you never forget that moment! I began working in journalism at a very early age. I founded a school newspaper when I was only 14, and by 16 I was writing for the Rheinische Post. I wrote for the WDR when I was 18 before beginning at the German School of Journalism soon after. After I graduated, I was particularly influenced writing for the Financial Times Deutschland, learning how to write in a wide variety of journalistic styles, from basic reporting to in-depth exposés, and for ZDF, producing documentaries about everything from climate change to hundreds of live reports about new advances in Silicon Valley. The range of topics and niches in journalism is enormous.

You've built a wealth of loyal customers and colleagues through MySpeechwriters and Redenservice. What should your clients expect over the next 20 years?

We will always remain true to our recipe for success: quality first, closely followed by peak customer service and constant innovation. We will also continue to grow our copywriting capacity through eWriters, focusing on both professional and private writing. With both technical and organizational connections between eWriters and MySpeechwriter, we will ensure our customers are always our priority – and that's definitely something we will always strive to be better at!

Thanks for the chat! 

Speeches in English (January 20, 2019)

Once upon a time, it was primarily international corporations giving speeches in English. Today, however, English has become the lingua franca in countless companies. Private events like weddings or birthdays are also being celebrated multilingually. Luckily, MySpeechwriter has had both German and English speechwriting services on offer for years. And, don't forget eWriter for other copywriting services, again in both English and German.

Our jubilee year! (January 5, 2019)

Even though we'd already existed as a speechwriting service beforehand, 1999 marks the launch of our redenservice.de domain, our original German site. That was the start of our unique service offerings, which are still operating 20 years on. Our principles remain the same: transparent prices and delivery times, all available to order online, connecting clients with a personalized service of the utmost quality.

A "top service idea" (Impulse business magazine), which makes it easy for anyone from a company executive to a private customer to access the quality speechwriting skills of experienced speechwriters. Now, in 2019, we're proud to look back on 20 years of success and innovation, and thank all of our clients for their support!

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