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From a farewell to a longstanding employee to a wedding toast to the holiday address, there are countless reasons to give a speech – the list below is far from complete! Here at MySpeechwriters, our writers are ready to write you a unique, personalized speech, whether it’s one of the reasons listed below, or something completely different. Just get in touch!


This is your chance to acknowledge and appreciate the honor you’ve been given, while sharing a bit more of what you feel this is building wards. You may be the guest of honor, but extending recognition to others through your spoken words of gratitude will frame you in an even better light.

Best man/Maid of honor

It’s a special honor to be chosen as the bride and groom’s number one sidekick. Make sure they realise how much you appreciate it – and how much you love them – with a speech!


It’s the moment to celebrate ourselves as the main character in our own lives, as shaped by everyone they’ve chosen to live their lives with – after all, without our friends and family, what do we really have? Milestone birthday, like someone’s 18th or 50th, are even more apt moments to give a speech. MySpeechwriter will make your speech memorable!


It’s hard to imagine a proper celebration without a speech! It reminds and everyone why they’ve gathered together, and sets a course for the event. Private or public, please raise your glass for a toast!


A baptism is a wonderful occasion for a heartfelt speech to the family and friends gathered to celebrate the young one’s future.


The end of year holiday party is the highlight of the year for many organizations. Good food, good company, and an opportunity to build morale with engaging anecdotes with a thoughtful, poignant speech.

Club anniversary

A lot can be achieved in a year, and in a vibrant association, there’s still so much more to come. Use this moment to motivate the membership, and build excitement for what’s coming next.


Everyone might have reason to give a speech on the day that one has their first communion or confirmation. Whether you’re godparent, relative, or friend, don’t miss this chance to give a speech.

Company party

Building the right tone to greet your honored guests, structuring the content to entertain and engage, finding a poignant quote and using literary devices with flair: MySpeechwriter will make sure your speech will come together perfectly.

Dinner toast

The toast is a quintessential tradition for many, if not all cultures. Whether it’s a birthday, an investor meeting, or an annual club gathering, it’s important to consider the content and context to ensure an appropriate yet entertaining speech between dinner courses.


A eulogy is our way of remembering the recently-deceased, and sharing aspects of them with others, a way to piece together the different aspects people saw in them to create a more compete version of this person to live on in memories. Whether it’s the eulogy of a close friend or a colleague or staff member, use this moment to remember them accurately and with appreciation.


Are you changing companies, or is someone else in your department off to new pastures? Or maybe a longtime club member is moving away. Tell them how much they’re appreciated and will be missed with a heartfelt farewell speech.

Groundbreaking ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony is often an important part of the launch of a construction project, and demands a well-presented speech. As well as thanking everyone involved in the physical labor that’s involved, it’s also the chance to build relationships with your neighborhood.

Inaugural Address

One of the most important speeches you’ll make in a new role, professionally, is your first. It’s your chance to introduce yourself, share your ideas and plans, and win over your new colleagues and staff. Don’t miss this opportunity!


A successful motivational speech will encourage what’s already going well, and spur on the skeptics to embrace your vision. The speech should address and rationalize your goals and offer tangible direction on how to reach them.

New Year’s

It’s not only world leaders who give a New Year's speech. Company leadership and club presidents also know that this is a chance to review the past year and motivate everyone going forwards. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a bonding moment.

Opening ceremony

A new office branch, a newly renovated workshop, or the launch of an event, all of them begin with a speech. It shows graciousness and humility to extend the spotlight to everyone who helped this moment come to fruition, and your words have the opportunity to draw in new support from staff and potential clients.

Organizational anniversary

An organizational anniversary is an important moment for business partners, staff, and customers alike. You’re able to reflect on what’s been achieved while envisioning a future. Do so with a speech!


The end of schooling is the beginning of one’s career. Whether you’re the student or the proud parents or teachers, take this moment to reflect on the journey so far, and to offer some words of wisdom and advice.


We always strive for perfection, particularly in a wedding. If you’ve got a special role that day – best man, matron of honor, parents of the couple, or even just a close but important friend – don’t leave your speech to chance. Trust MySpeechwriter to craft your words while you look after the lucky couple on their big day.

Wedding anniversary

A silver or gold wedding anniversary is a moment to look back on everything that’s been, as well as to look forward to what’s ahead. How better to honor the amazing feat of growing old together than with a speech? Whether a small private celebration or a large event at the clubhouse, a good anniversary speech will be fine-tuned specifically for the occasion. Trust MySpeechwriter to write you an unforgettable anniversary speech.


An occasion that’s incredibly common, yet tremendously important for setting the tone: welcoming your guests to your event! Privately and professionally, it’s great to acknowledge and welcome everyone who’s arrived – best make it memorable!

All these occasions are just a few of the moments that would merit a speech. Whatever you need, whoever your audience, MySpeechwriter is here to make sure your speech is the highlight of the event. Contact us now!

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Club & association speeches

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