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A farewell speech they'll remember

A farewell moment generally comes due to a physical shift in location, but any move is also a time of metaphorical and emotional transition. Whether you're the one leaving, or you're called upon to send someone off from your company or club, a farewell speech is an opportunity to highlight important moments together, as well as setting the tone for a successful future. Warm anecdotes, past successes, and words of gratitude are woven together in a speech that wishes someone the best for the future.

A moment to motivate

If the farewell is to an employee or colleague, don't address them alone with your speech: the appreciation you show them to them will have an impact on everyone listening, which includes those continuing on with the organization. As Shakespeare put it, "It is not enough to speak, but to speak truth." Finding the balance between the one and the team, of new possibilities and ongoing commitment, of "farewell" and "hope to see you again", these things can be tricky – so let MySpeechwriter help! Our experienced editors will find the perfect wording for a memorable, motivational farewell speech. 


Berufliche Abschiedsrede

A farewell speech for a business setting from MySpeechwriters

Saying goodbye is not easy. Large entrepreneurs in particular sometimes find it difficult to let go. But it doesn't have to be about an entire company. Employees also identify very much with their own job. Because they often even spent more time with the people here than with their families.

This is how your farewell speech succeeds

Who is giving the farewell speech? Of course, it goes first to the one who leaves. Colleagues and superiors are also called upon to express their gratitude for the work they have done. In our respective function we are all replaceable. In our personality we are not. It is therefore more than appropriate in the farewell speech to complain about the loss of a capable employee as well as the departure of a likeable colleague - combined with the hope of continuing to meet each other in the future.

Good managers attach great importance to such occasions. You know: A successful and heartfelt farewell speech for a well-deserved employee strengthens the motivation and the feeling of togetherness of all colleagues.

Professional Farewell Speech

Friends and colleagues, and particularly you, Mr. Johnson!

They say that work is "what you do so that one day you don't have to do it anymore." Well, congratulations, Dave, you've finally worked enough that you don't have to do it anymore! But I must say, although I wish you days and days on end of relaxation, I'm pretty sure that, knowing you, you will never stop being busy and achieving great things. Because if there's one thing we think of when we think of you, it's that you've got a never-ending supply of energy and enthusiasm for life.

Today is a turning point for you – but also for us here at Our Company. Because when I hired you 32 years ago, I never could have guessed that you would bring so much to our small team back then, with your know-how and infectious enthusiasm and your dogged persistence on the end goal that's gotten us to where we are today.

Up here behind me, that's a photo from our company Christmas party back in 1993. We were definitely the fashion leaders here in town back then, it's true! And right there in the middle is our good ol' Dave Johnson. Right in the middle of things, keeping things moving, the life of the party just as much as you've been the prime motivator of Our Company. Back then, we had just begun. But today we're the market leader in our sector – in no small part because of you! It's going to be strange not having you around here with us, but nobody can say that you don't deserve your hard-earned break after all you've done for us here. So, thank you, Dave, from all of us!

Sample beginning of a farewell speech
© MySpeechwriter

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Rede zum Abschied im Verein oder Verband

Have a farewell speech written in the club

Goodbyes are never easy, especially if you've been a part of an organization for many years. But this is just the time to stay composed. Your farewell is going to be the parting memory you leave with everyone – as well as the one you take with you.

Who's gives a farewell speech? The one who's leaving, of course! But long-term colleagues or companions might also want to say a few words, to recognize all you've contributed to the organization. Yes, the roles you had might be filled in time, but our individual personality is irreplaceable.

A heartfelt farewell speech given in honor of a well-loved colleague will bring everyone together, strengthening relationships and community ties. And, it will leave the one leaving knowing how much they're appreciated and loved. Don't miss this opportunity!

Club or Association Farewell Speech

Frank, fellow members of the Animal Welfare Society, welcome!

Milan Kundera wrote, "Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals."

The further we've come as a society, the more shocking it is that we still have to fight for animal rights. Though, we must always keep in mind that we have made progress. Our Society in particular has been at work for nearly 50 years now, but our success has come in no small part from the commitment, idealism, and enthusiasm Frank Meier, one of our founding members. But sadly, today, we are losing a real original!

"An original," that's what you always called yourself, Frank, isn't it. Well, despite your youthful 80-odd years of life experience, you have nonetheless been a real role model to everyone around you, and especially here around the Society. Everyone who's worked with you has admired your resilience, your persistence, and your idealism, especially when it comes to looking after our furry friends.

In fact, I think it's fair to say that without your involvement, the Animal Welfare Society probably wouldn't even exist – definitely not as it does today. Because back in 1975, when our organisation was first getting started, convincing others of the need of an organization to fight for animal rights here at home was quite the challenge. There were – and still are – so many issues going on, worldwide problems as well as close-to-home, so few people have the capacity to care and devote themselves to yet another campaign. And yet Frank, with his gentle way of influencing others, managed to convince so many people to join the fight, not only garngering public support but also getting quite a few of us involved in making the Society a reality. Frank, I have to say, we wouldn't be what we are today without you, so thank you!

Sample beginning of a farewell speech
© MySpeechwriter

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