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Every speech is unique

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Deliver the perfect speech

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Set the mood with an opening speech

An inaugural speech welcomes your guests while celebrating the hard work that’s led to this moment. It’s your opportunity to set the mood for the day, as well as to forge community connections going forwards.

Whether it’s the opening of a new branch, a community event, or a large private celebration, your role is to describe why everyone’s gathered together, presented as a warm welcome – but do it in an accessible way. As Schopenhauer once noted, "One should use common words to say uncommon things."

The making of a good opening speech

After welcoming your guests, share the day’s program and highlight the special moments – the other speakers, for example. Remember to thank everyone who has and is contributing to the success of the event.

The art of a good opening speech is to balance a clear message, create an emotional connection, and to do it without being too wordy – those following you are looking forward to their chance to speak, too!

MySpeechwriter is here to save your time and resources. Trust us to craft the perfect opening speech for your event – one that will find that perfect balance and please your listeners. With over 20 years’ experience, trust us to help make your day a success.

Berufliche Eröffnungsrede

Make the most of your opening speech

Whether a new branch or the first day of a business, there’s no such thing as an opening event without a speech! And, for good reason: so many people work together to bring this moment to life, investing weeks, months, or even years towards the vision. Now it’s time to say thank you. At the same time, it’s also your chance to jumpstart your business and highlight what you can offer the community and new clients – don’t miss this opportunity!

Make your opening speech a success

Your audience at the opening will probably include employees, suppliers, developers, investors, and, last but not least, customers – current and future. But when you address the crowd, you’re speaking to all of them at once. It’s important that your speech speaks directly to each and every one of them, including everyone without alienating anyone. MySpeechwriter has the skills and experience to make sure your speech is a memorable success. Contact us now for your speech, so that you can keep focusing on all the other logistics of the day.



Opening Speech for a Professional Context

Thank you everyone for coming here today!

Mark Twain wrote, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

With the opening of our fourth district branch in just over three years, I think it's fair to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. This has been a decided group effort – not only by us within the company, but also from the community – our loyal clients, as well as the City of Springfield for its support of our expansion here.

In fact, seeing as we have several members from City of Springfield here today, I want to say thank you to you directly for your support, as well as congratulations for your government's work in stimulating the local economy here, such that we've been able to expand to support this region. And furthermore, having had numerous meetings with you guys, I must say your focus on problem-solving and proactivity has been remarkable – definitely not the stereotype of slow-moving, red-tape bureaucracy that we always dread!

We're proud to say that, with the opening of this new branch, we're creating 35 new jobs in this branch alone, and more than 70 positions through retail and partner organizations across the wider region. As you may already know, I grew up around here in Riverdale, so today's grand opening is particularly exciting for me, to be helping to build up the place that will always feel like home to me.

Sample start of an opening speech
© MySpeechwriter

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Eröffnungsrede im Verein oder Verband

A welcoming opening speech for your club / association

Maybe you’re celebrating a new location, or launching a new project. Whatever it is, a celebration is a perfect time for an opening speech! If it’s a day of celebration, it won’t be hard to share your enthusiasm with everyone there.

The road to an opening event isn’t easy. Funds have been raised, structures set up, so much red tape to overcome, but on opening day, all that hard work will have paid off. Talk about all of this in that opening speech! A good opening speech tells everyone what it’s taken to reach today, while thanking everyone involved who’s contributed to the project’s success.

Opening Speech in a Club Context 

My friends and colleagues!

I am particularly pleased to be here today to welcome you all to the grand opening of our new community garden. This space has been here a long time, and used by the community in a number of ways, but never with consistent, reliable caretakers to keep it safe and looked after for the public. It's remarkable that we've had such a proactive community all these years! But when something has become valuable, it's comforting to know that there's someone to take responsibility for upkeep. So while little is changing on the surface here, we are proud to officially recognize Nature Friends' Community Gardens as our new official caretakers here!

Cicero once wrote that, "If you have a garden and a library, you will want for nothing." Well, now we will have both here! As in addition to the maintenance of the land here, Nature Friends will also be moving into the house here on the lot – approved for use, thank you City Council – on March 1. Not only will they be running regular courses on permaculture and other sustainability practices, they will also have a small library available to visitors, which includes both books and tools! So when you need to brush up on fermented foods, or want to get cracking on that garden shed project, come by and read up, or borrow the tools you need.

While eco-parks and sustainability organizations exist worldwide at this point, this is the first here in Springfield, and we would not have been able to realize it without the help of everyone here today – as well as many others. So pat yourselves on the back, and give your neighbor a smile – we've achieved something big here today!

Sample start of an inauguration speech
© MySpeechwriter

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