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The perfect way to celebrate the New Year

Time for a new calendar? Time for the first speech of the new year! Time to look back at what's been achieved and, more importantly, time to look forward to the goals and challenges of what's ahead.

A good New Year's speech balances the past and the future, all with enthusiasm and excitement, while managing to stay realistic and sincere. And, of course, it will always lead to a toast.

The key ingredients of a New Year's speech

A successful New Year's speech imbues a sense of togetherness and solidarity, reminding everyone how life is a team sport. As Ernst Weichert put it, "Those who move the heart will change the world."

There's a lot going on in the lead-up to the new year, and finding the right words for a New Year's speech can be a tricky task. MySpeechwriter is here to save you time and stress. With over 20 years' experience, trust us to write you the perfect speech for the occasion – the only thing you'll have to do is to read it when the time comes.

Deliver the perfect speech

Deliver the perfect speech

Butterflies in your stomach? Read our guide for tips and tricks – free with your speech.

Every speech is unique

Every speech is unique

A unique, individualized speech written specifically for your needs.

For professional or personal events

For professional or personal events

A unique, individualized speech written specifically for your needs.

Professional New Year's Speech

My dear colleagues and friends!

Today, Our Company has multiple reasons to celebrate the start of the new year! Not only is a new year a good reason to celebrate, but we actually have a milestone to recognize: we managed to triple our results this past financial year! Congratulations everyone, something like this couldn't have been achieved without the hard work of every single department. Well done!

However, success only lasts if you continuously strive to do your best – something we've experienced as an organization over and over again. While many others in our sector struggled first during the global economic crisis, and many more faced hardships more recently during the pandemic, our numbers and results have only increased, while our market share has grown exponentially. At this point, many of our competitors don't even exist today. But, dear colleagues, we have continued to eke out our success year after year through perseverance and creativity. Pat yourselves on the back!

So where do we go from here? Well, as with this past year, there are a lot of unknowns about the coming year due to the global situation. While we've succeeded where others have failed, we do still have some strong competitors who have also strengthened their abilities this past year. But, we are nearly ready to reveal the new Alpha product, and unofficial buzz in the media is already building interest. It won't be a guaranteed home run, but we certainly expect great things when we present it in another couple months' time.

For the moment, however, we're focusing on day-to-day operations – after all, you can't do big things without a strong foundation beneath you. And, for the moment, we have a number of reasons to celebrate, which we hope will go late into the night!

Sample start of a New Year's speech
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