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A Speech for Your Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Kick off the groundbreaking ceremony with a speech

A groundbreaking speech gives everyone an overview of the construction project and builds excitement for the project ahead. It's an important motivator, because a construction project is like a marathon race: it takes a lot of time from the planning stage to approval and then finally to completion. The groundbreaking ceremony is an important milestone.

That is why groundbreaking ceremonies have been a tradition for centuries. Whether it's your own home, an office building, or a clubhouse, a groundbreaking speech is the chance to recharge everyone's enthusiasm for the project – especially those who will be working on the next phase.

A well-phrased groundbreaking speech not only reminds everyone of the purpose of the construction project, it's a moment to thank all those involved, to appreciate the work that's been done and reinforce the vision for the future.

Tips for a successful groundbreaking speech

The quality of a building isn't simply in the end product. It also comes through the thought, consideration, and intention imbued in the project while it was being constructed. A successful groundbreaking speech frames the construction project in a joyful, engaging way – and hopefully also with laughter. A well-written speech depends an understanding of the project as well as literary craftsmanship. While you plan the big event, leave the wordsmithing to the professionals at MySpeechwriter.

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Every speech is unique

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Groundbreaking ceremony

Mayor, colleagues, and friends gathered here today.

What's standing before us today in glass, metal, and shining splendor is the result of a construction phase that has lasted for over five years now. I think we can all agree – especially Henry here, the project's key architect – is that the building looks simply fantastic. Henry, this is most definitely a masterpiece – congratulations are most definitely in order!

I also must thank you, Mayor Henriksen, for joining us today for our groundbreaking ceremony. Mayor, your support throughout this project has been appreciated, and shows that you do really care for this city. Not only do you talk about caring about the local economy, you act on those statements. Thank you for that!

So, dear friends, when can we expect when the building does open to the public? Well, for starters, the best that today's architecture and interior design has to offer. We're looking forward to showing off the artificial river that will flow through the lobby, leading to the water feature set in on the side. Don't worry, though, nobody will be getting wet, Henry has assured me....

Sample start of a groundbreaking ceremony speech
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