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Each wedding is unique. While it's tradition for the father of the bride to give a speech, any relative or guest might like to say a few words. Emphasising your connection to the bride and groom is important in these speeches – for all of the audience, but especially for the bride and groom. A fun anecdote or glowing description of the happy couple will make a memorable impact. What advice do you want to give the couple? Would a quote or line of poetry convey even deeper love and affection?

A wonderful wedding speech lets the bridal party know how much they mean to you, whether you do this through shared memories, personal observations, or heartfelt well wishes. When it's such an emotional time, however, MySpeechwriter can take away the stress of the blank page, and provide you with the words. Then, you just need to focus on conveying your love and affection on the day.

Every speech is unique

Every speech is unique

A unique, individualized speech written specifically for your needs.

Our speechwriters

Our speechwriters

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Deliver the perfect speech

Deliver the perfect speech

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Wedding Speech
Speaking: Father of the Bride

My dear child, dear son-in-law, dear old and new relations and friends!

Wedding days are always under immense pressure to perform. 

They are preceded by months of careful organisation and a considerable amount of nerves to create one perfect day. This one seems indeed to live up to our expectations. The service was moving, the weather has decided to play ball, the scenery is beautiful, the food simply beyond compare, and one could not hope to be surrounded by dearer guests.

A father of the bride, however, might still find it hard to fully enjoy his daughter's wedding – after all, isn't his little girl moving further away from him? However, looking at my daughter I sense how happy she is to have found someone she cannot imagine living without. This way, also an overprotective father like me can light-heartedly watch his child approach a new stage of life. Looking at my son-in-law, I know she is in the best company I could wish for. Marc, I know the saying is that you can choose friends but not family – by marrying Nina, you have proved otherwise. You have been like a son to us for years; now we are happy and proud to officially welcome you in the family.

However, while we will always be there to support you when you need us, this day is not about two families growing together. It is your own special union we are celebrating and for which my wife and I wish you all the best in the world. Love is an amazing enrichment: it can double your happiness and halve your sorrows. We wish for your love to last and grow. And after 35 years of marriage, let us add: Be there for each other – this is the essence of the promise you have made today.

Example Wedding Speech
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