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A silver or golden wedding anniversary is a fine time for celebration. Many couples choose to invite close friends and family to join them for a party or a feast, appreciating the years they've shared together, and everyone who's been a part of them.

It's impossible to imagine an anniversary gathering without a speech. But delivered by whom? Most often it's the children of the happy couple, now old enough to lead the group in appreciating their parents. But there's always room for others – a long-time friend, other family members, even the couple themselves. In moments like these, the perfect speech will connect moments from the previous years together to the personal world of married life. 

It's not the easiest of tasks. But MySpeechwriter is up to the challenge, excited to write you a unique, touching speech that will stick with its listeners for all time.

Every speech is unique

Every speech is unique

A unique, individualized speech written specifically for your needs.

Our speechwriters

Our speechwriters

Research, exact writing, precise copy editing – we do it all!

Deliver the perfect speech

Deliver the perfect speech

Butterflies in your stomach? Read our guide for tips and tricks – free with your speech.

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Our professional speechwriters compose your speech as per your instructions, to ensure it's up to the occasion. We polish every sentence and triple-check that our speech meets your requirements.

Every speech from MySpeechwriter is unique. Each one is researched, written and edited specifically to order. Plus, you have access to our Speaker's Guide, filled with useful tips for a successful delivery. 

Select the type of speech you require, as well as its length. Your speech quote will be displayed on-screen. Next, tell us what you're looking for, in terms of content, background information or style. Then, submit your order and our speechwriters get to work to ensure you receive your completed, personalized speech as soon as possible.


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