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Birthdays come but once a year, and then there's the big ones! 50th, 75th or even 90th if you're lucky! While celebrating your loved one with food and drinks – and of course the birthday cake – a speech is the way to show how much they really mean to you, and to make the moment memorable.

Of course, content changes depending on if it's a 30th or an 80th birthday speech, as well as the audience. The speech should also be written with the celebration context in mind – is it a formal meal at a fancy restaurant, or a backyard gathering with all generations present? Choosing the right anecdotes and the right words can be a challenge, but perfecting that combination will leave everyone with a warm memory of the day.

50th Birthday Speech
Speaking: Man at his birthday celebration

Dear family and friends,

When I was 18, I felt old. But, not too old! I didn't trust anyone over 25. That was the age that I thought you became a "real" grownup. Settled, mature, secure in your job and your lifestyle, in a word, boring! But, when I myself turned 25, I had to revise that invisible age of trustworthiness and "adult"ness.

I wound up giving myself until I reached 40. I imagined my 40-year-old self in a stable relationship, living with my partner in a decent-sized home with a great yard for the kids to play in – wishes that, at 25, still seemed completely unattainable.

By the time I reached 40, I had to adjust my expectations again. Old age, I reasoned, definitely did not start before 50. At 50, maybe that's when I'd succumb to reading glasses, carrying around pills for heartburn, spending my holidays in hotels instead of motels. While I got my first reading glasses at the age of 45, I still don't carry around heartburn pills, and I'm more likely to book an Air B'n'B these days than a hotel.

Being 50 is completely different than what I imagined it would be. It's definitely better than expected, and I can say that I definitely don't feel old yet.

As Oscar Wilde said, the tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.

Those of you who who think 50 is far off still, trust me – you'll be surprised when you see the wrinkles appear, and wonder how someone so young could have so many of them.

Seen through the eyes of an 18-year-old me, I am old now. But I'm thankful for it. If nothing else, those many years have brought all of you dear people into my life, and here with me tonight to celebrate my 50th birthday. Thank you for coming, thank you for all the happy moments we've had together, and all of those still to come. Age comes to everyone. But the vast number of wonderful moments and memories, that's what actually is worth celebrating, and the true reason for my joy tonight.

Sample 50th Birthday Speech
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