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Another year in business, another reason to celebrate! A company anniversary marks another year of growth, of creativity and of success as a business, thanks to the entire staff team working as a whole.

Whether you're the company owner, chairperson or executive representative, your audience will be attentive to hear what you have to say. Suppliers and customers might also be present, or even want to wish the company team a warm congratulations on another milestone.

Be sure to keep the speech personal! Speaking solely of the company as the subject can distance listeners, or cause staff to feel undervalued. Instead, focus on the staff and their contributions and commitment. If you're at all unsure how to frame your words effectively, MySpeechwriter is here to help, letting you focus on the celebration.

Every speech is unique

Every speech is unique

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Our speechwriters

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Deliver the perfect speech

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Company Anniversary Speech
Speaking: A founder and board member of a video game development company

Mayor Lawson, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:

Exactly ten years ago today, on a stormy January morning, I signed the papers to make it official: I had founded a company!

A company which, in many ways, was simply an extension of my childhood passion of gaming. There were those who told me I wouldn't last a year in this business, that I was too idealistic to cope with the everyday details of managing a business, that I would wind up in a "virtual" mess in no time.

These people, however, were wrong. But it wasn't me who proved them wrong – not me alone, anyway. Almost everyone in the audience today – with the exception of Mayor Lawson, obviously – has joined this company at some point over the last ten years, and has stayed faithfully with us ever since. Together, we've made VideoDoe a success. Together, we've made it possible for us to gather here today, and celebrate our ten-year anniversary!

While ten years is rather a long time, it's also very short. When you compare us to IT giants such as Microsoft or Apple, we're still quite young and adolescent. However, ten years in a sector that is constantly in flux, with nearly daily advances in technology, this is absolutely an achievement to be proud of! Together, we've managed to establish ourselves in a notoriously difficult sector to succeed in. We've claimed our rightful place, and we're only just getting started.

Ten years ago, I was a young man with a simple enough dream: I wanted to create video games. So I put together a creative team and built up a software engineering team. When it became too much for one person alone to handle, I set up our financial department, and asked everyone to turn impossible ideas into something feasible, yet new and exciting and magical. And, something that would sell. Miraculously, it worked out!...

Sample Company Anniversary Speech
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