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Eike Christian Petering

The owner of MySpeechwriter, Eike Christian Petering, is not fond of empty rhetoric.
"A successful speech is highly dependant on the value of its content. If the message isn't clear, even the best rhetoric won't be of much use.

"In my research for economic journalism, I would attend events where speakers were stressing out the audience rather than entertaining them," says the journalist, explaining what motivated him to create MySpeechwriter. (Read more about our history here.) Since the founding of the company, Mr. Petering has carefully curated an experienced team of writers and editors to draft individualized manuscripts for clients from all walks of industry and life.

Today, Mr. Petering continues to write, but now also hosts events, putting his skills and experience to good use.

"To me, a successful speech begins with the wording of the manuscript," he points out. "And that is where we can help all speakers."

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