Your Professional New Year’s Speech for Business Occasions

This offer refers to business speeches. We also compose speeches in the area of politics and associations.

Welcoming the New Year With a Speech

The end of the business year is an important date for the accounting department. But there is of course more to it: The human need for completion and a new beginning also plays a part in business life. The Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations in many companies are proof of this.

The Contents of a Successful New Year’s Speech

An eloquent New Year's speech is both review and preview. Employees, suppliers and customers need to be thanked for the past business year. Additionally, the speaker is expected to comment on future developments and to point out opportunities without ignoring risks.

One element of a New Year's Speech is always a considerable degree of drive and confidence. These feelings cannot be conveyed by empty phrases but need definite goals and objectives. A personal tone is also desirable. How did you experience the past year in the company? Which were your best moments and most interesting anecdotes? Because of its different elements, a New Year's speech requires a certain length. Making your audience feel well entertained throughout – this is the high art of rhetoric.

Texts for companies
Drafting brochures, preparing newsletters and taking care of the website: writing texts costs time and ties up a number of employees. Why don't you just let us do it for you?

Never at a Loss for the Right Words

Our professional speechwriters compose a manuscript according to your wishes and instructions and make sure that it is up to the occasion. We polish every sentence and check carefully if our draft corresponds to your demands.

With, every speech is unique. We research, compose, and edit your New Year's speech. Additionally, you will receive our guide for speakers with many useful tips for the successful delivery of your speech.

Simply choose the desired length of your speech, and you will directly see the price of your personal manuscript. In the next step, you tell us everything we should know about your speech. It just takes few clicks to order. Do you have any further questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call or write us an email. We are available 24/7.

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