Eike Christian Petering

The owner of myspeechwriter.com, Eike Christian Petering, is not very fond of empty rhetoric. “The success of a speech is mainly determined by the value of its content. If the message is wrong, even the best rhetoric won't be of much use.”

After training as an editor at the German school of journalism, Mr. Petering worked for the Financial Times, the West German Broadcasting Company, and the Bavarian Broadcasting Company, among others. For the anthology "101 swashbucklers of the German economy”, Mr. Petering profiled four major entrepreneurs of our time.

“In my research activities for economic media, I kept attending events where speakers stressed the audience out rather than entertaining them,” says the journalist by way of explanation of his motives for founding myspeechwriter.com 15 years ago (more about the history). Ever since then, an experienced team of authors has been writing individual speech manuscripts for clients from all walks of business and society.

Mr. Petering also hosts events. “To me, a successful speech begins with the wording of the manuscript,” the owner of myspeechwriter.com points out, “and that is where we can help speakers.”