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Have you already composed a first-draft of your speech? Maybe you're just after a second pair of eyes to fine-tune your words. If that's the case, our editors are happy to read over, revise and optimize your speech as well. The price is comparable to writing a speech from scratch, so it's a great option if you're eager to use your own words, but want a professional writer's opinion how to tighten your language. Complete the online order form and get a quote now!

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Choose the type of speech and its required length, as well as your delivery deadline. Your quote will be displayed on-screen. Next, upload your draft as an attachment to the order form, or copy and paste the text directly into the text field. Use the comment field to tell us any special requirements or requests you have regarding the revision process. Once everything's there, submit your order, and we will get to work to ensure that you receive your revised speech as soon as possible!

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